This is so 2002....

Its been 3 years since we've been given good, though uncomfortable, laugh over the left-wingers in their tin foil hats and their psychotic conspiracy theories about 9/11. However, with each added month since the raghead-induced tragedy we can perhaps enjoy the laughter with a little less apprehension and a little more comfort. That's why this page, which is discovered this morning while researching a project, is so amusing. About 1/3rd of the way down we see a photo with this text beneath: "A look at the north tower hit for comparison. – By the way, look in the top left corner of this photo – what do we see there? More wind! From bombs! Obviously not related to the impact!"

I mean, I know that anybody who believes Karl Marx's lies about economics, or Noam Chomsky's lies about society, is already going to be a few IQ points below the median. But its a little odd that they expect us to forget that the top of this north tower was 417 metres above the ground (which in NYC is essentially at sea level with a small first order correction). 1400 feet above the pavement, and we're surpised by a touch of wind? The leftists have really hit rock bottom. Well, no, wait, there's more. They have two mysterious "UFO pictures" (well, of course they would) meaning I suppose Bush used alien technology to blow up the building. Cleverly using it on a bright sunny morning guaranteed to be swarming with cameras.

But the best bit of the page is 2/3rds of the way down it, with a picture of the erupting dust cloud and the accompanied text: "Rising mushroom cloud. What lets this mushroom grow? Ask someone in Hiroshima!" Or, hey, lets ask somebody who's alive (oooh, low blow), and somebody who knows what they're talking about. A mushroom cloud is a distinctive mushroom-shaped cloud of smoke, flame, or debris resulting from a very large explosion. They are most commonly associated with nuclear explosions, but any sufficiently large blast will produce the same sort of effect. Volcano eruptions and impact events can produce natural mushroom clouds.

In other words, the implication of mini-nukes in the WTC holds no water. In fact, the cloud they photograph isn't much of a mushroom cloud, which seems to imply the smoke isn't caused by a particularly powerful explosion. It may be one of the smaller buildings collapsing, its hard to say. Regardless, its still enjoyable to laugh a whole lot.


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