I Hate You Telus, Part 1 of 15,672

Fark.com browsing showed me this link: That Goddamned Annoying "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" song has resulted in a skyrocket in the demand for toy hippos. I have long said that one day Telus will hopefully run out of annoying old songs or cutesy CGI animals for the freaking commercials, but alas.

Fortunately, ol' fark.com did hook me up with some more enjoyable tidbits. Specifially, the news that An 82 year old paper boy retired which just reminded me of the Corner Gas episode 2 weeks ago where Oscar became a paperboy (fulfilling his childhood dream of being a paperboy while somebody else did the work).

Also, in what's sure to help my pageviews, a site that has the scans of a papparazi's shots of Jennifer Aniston topless. Speaking as one who can't understand why Brad left her for Angelina Jolie (Jennifer is a hundred times better looking), this was almost as sweet as the news she was tempted to bare all just so people could finally see everything. You do that Aniston and it will just about make up for your being on the WORST TV SHOW IN HISTORY, though you still have to pay us back for "Along Came Polly".