Pre-Christmas Blogosphere Updates

If you have a clue what the Abotech Affair is about (or are, like me, totally clueless), you should check Angry in the Great White North's Abotech Affairs page. Try as I might, I can't follow this story. Its something about a business that was run by a native MP, then put in a blind trust to a non-native and still given the rights of native businesses. I give up. I can't follow along at all.

Likewise with the problems with Paul Martin's Liberal farm policy rant by a Saskatchewan farmwife who has some education in the matter. Despite growing up on a farm, I'm not able to say much of anything on the topic. So if I ever became a cabinet minister which portfolio could I get? Science only? That's scary.

Speaking of scary, the /. story on British vehicle monitoring has gone down to the bottom of the main page and stabilized a bit. There are a few more interesting reads to be found on it. the pilot system turns out to be less useful than the early reports indicate, the stolen plate problem is going to just get worse, Brit crime stats are politically unreliable, and the RFID plans for the plates just provide an interesting parallel to counterfeit CDs. There also have been a couple threads bringing up U.S. gun laws and also a couple posts on the true value of the Right to Bear Arms.

Western Standard is talking about the failures of Trudeau's Charter. I have little to say on this, since anything Trudeau did was a failure. Also hanging around the internet is a Christmas gift idea for the right-winger on your Christmas list. I can think of a few other quality places