Dyke discovers dyke bars exist

In groundbreaking "news", a dyke in the UK has started a bar for only her and her own kind.

Teddy Edwardes, 32, is the founder and director of LICK, a women-only venue with a focus on LGTBQ+ in Britain's capital, with 2,000 tickets selling out every time an event is held. Taking to TikTok recently, Teddy shared her story, which went viral and amassed more than 3.6million views, reported BuzzFeed.

For those who have trouble keeping score, dyke bars have been around for decades. It was a plot point in Wayne's World 2 for crying out loud (and going further back was a movie staple since 1968's The Killing of Sister George). Only a millennial could think she's come up with something new.

Don't despair though, guys. Unlike Wayne Campbell you don't have to dress up as a Village Person if you want to attend. Surprise surprise, Teddy Edwardes is up with all the latest fashions from this despicable lifestyle choice. She's "inclusive to trans women" so all you have to do is show up at the door wearing the same clothes you always do, tell the bouncer you're a chick, and in you are!

Ironically (?) enough this club was founded "6 years ago" (ie 2016) at the same time that the UK was going ballistic over another organization only allowing in one of the two sexes. Uppity bitches in Edinburgh even tried banning members of that club from a public bench (imagine if we said that a bench couldn't be used by anybody who ever went to a fag bar!) The owners of Muirfield certainly didn't get hagiographic writeups or sympathetic interviews in the mainstream and alt-left press!

In other words, at the same time all the "right people" were demanding one of the few remaining mens-only clubs be allowed to stay open, those same people were opening up a womens-only club and celebrating their commitment to diversity and/or the yaya sisterhood. It's yet another case where the "war on women" is actually a "war by women" which is dangerous because chicks aren't militarily capable.

Bonus lol: from the MSN.com comments, somebody asked "if there are no men then who pays for all the drinks?" The answer: "alimony".