@AndrewAtter - Even the Nazis couldn't tell you if they ever killed a single faggot

Fudge packers like Andrew really enjoy the fantasy that the Nazi regime singled them out for their immoral lifestyle choice.

Over here in reality? Not so much. Indeed the only known poofters that were killed by the Nazis took place during the Röhm Purge, which for those not paying attention was an internal party conflict. This seems an odd hill to effeminately die on: how dare one group of Nazis kill another group of Nazis! In fact, don't these people who always proclaim their desire to "punch a Nazi" not smile when Nazis are killed (regardless of by whom)?

So Röhm was a Nazi faggot who discussed an internal socialist revolution (which would have killed as many as the Holocaust) and was killed by other (possible faggot) Nazis. Quick, put a statue of him up in San Fransisco! That the Night of the Long Knives was a political exercise as opposed to a moral exercise, of course, is mildly prescient. Röhm was sexually abusing the men under his command, and that's why he was removed (violently) from office, completely irrespective of any larger political considerations.

Outside of the Jews, and even a little bit there, the Nazi imprisonment schedules were based far more on practical rather than theoretical concerns. Which leads us to the obvious thought experiment.

You're a mid-ranking Nazi officer with a rival that you want to get rid of before he can effectively challenge you. He hasn't done anything that can be used to justify his removal. What do you do? Oh, you can throw him into Auschwitz for being a Jew. Oh wait, that doesn't work, it would be the span of 45 seconds for him to prove he wasn't Jewish. Slavic people and gypsies go to death camps too! Yeah that comes with the same caveat though, it's awfully easy to disprove. I need some sort of way to classify my enemy as an enemy of the state in a way that if challenged it would be ultimately impossible for him to disprove. Hmmm, this is a dilly of a pickle. If only there existed some sort of charge I could use dependent entirely on the secret thoughts within his head...if only if only if only...

Since the term originally comes from Shakespeare, I'm sure the phrase also holds in the original German.

You can see why on paper you'd be seeing a lot of ass pirates getting sent into the klink. How many actual fags were imprisoned/killed? My guess of one is just as provable as Andrew's claim of untold trillions.

The tiebreak surely must go to the one of us who doesn't speak outright falsehoods like "there's a real thing called an intersectionality issue".