RedLetterMedia's disappointing Christmas 2021

Last week was the (free) debut of this year's Christmas edition of RedLetterMedia webshow Best of the Worst (a podcast).

It was...not good. It was certainly better than last year's horrible Christmas 2020 where they did "black spine" random videos instead of their usual mix of Christmas and/or another genre. In fact on paper the Christmas 2021 looked really good: for the first time since Jesse was on the show there were three specifically Christmas movies rather than one Christmas film and then some 80s action films featuring Chuck Norris or kicking or alligators or low-grade VHS with a low grade celebrity (or two Christmas movies and a cat horror film).

On top of that, Santa With Muscles featuring Hulk Hogan was one of the films, and the long-awaited Feeders 2. Again, on paper it sounded great. Until it happened.

One of the main problems is Tim, who got too drunk to be effective and was really best designed for low doses anyways. I understand the RLM crew is in a bit of a pickle: Wuhan Flu restrictions kept the Toronto CGI artists away, and likely the higher profile guests like Culkin or Oswalt as well. Meanwhile AIDS Moby is playing with his other god-awful SJW reviewer buddies. which leaves them other fan non-favourite Josh. Ever since Jesse dumped Mike and/or decided she never wanted to be so much as referenced on camera ever again, the size of the potential crew has been diminished.

Still, the movies themselves got almost no coverage. It's like the infamous "sex with Dom DeLuise" episode that ended up being so annoying when they thought their banter was funny that the movies never got discussed. This happened all three times. Yes, yes, Hulk Hogan said the word nigger. Everybody overreacted to him saying nigger...in private, whose public release bankrupted a worthless left-wing rag. He was involved in some pathetic weirdo sex acts. Got it. Yet he was in a famously bad movie, which ended up being totally skipped over by the internet's most famous dissectors of bad movies.

Hopefully next year will be better.