@SavageDrums - just because blacks have lower IQs that doesn't make them all "idiots"

Guess who makes up the least vaccinated racial demographic is in the United States? (Apologies for the ridiculously bad way they present the data)

Dr. Brandon (no, seriously!) is of course talking about Ontario, but since Canada doesn't even keep these kind of stats we have no choice but to assume that Ontarian negros are as hesitant about getting the Pfizer Death Juice as their Yankee brethren.

More critically, he's explicitly saying that idiots don't get vaccinated. Which means he's still calling American blacks idiots. Whether he's right or wrong, that's an interesting argument to be making...of course, he can't give any "smart people reasons" why vaccinated people should also suddenly be scared of the unvaccinated. When I got my shots to go to the Caribbean they didn't tell me "oh by the way this Hep B vaccine only works if you're only spending time with people who also have the Hep B vaccine" so presumably one or two smart people are going to ask "hey why is this vaccine you just gave me suddenly different than every other one I've ever gotten"?

He doesn't need to, though. He just wanted to call black Americans idiots and he thought he could get away with it.