Rachel Arab thinks she cares about your family more than you do

Perhaps you heard about the "youngest Alberta COVID death" which turned out to be total bullshit. Simone Spitzer knew it was bullshit, and raised such a stink about it that finally Hinshaw blinked.

Well surprise surprise, the useless bitch who is Rachel Arab decided to go all White Knight in favour of the family while she spit on their own activism against her and her sick agenda.
Whoops, turns out that the loved ones didn't seek "comfort" from lying Hinshaw, but instead that it was unacceptable to use Spitzer's death to push the Alberta Government's evil Wuhan Flu agenda.

That goes triple for Notley, who thinks that pushing official misinformation is more important than honestly handling your own family's grief. At the same time that Rachel Arab was spewing her moronic garbage online, Simone Spitzer was trying to find a social media platform that wouldn't ban her for the crime of speaking truth that went against the Official Lie. It took hundreds of people spreading her story and constantly (and justifiably) harassing media and AHS officials to stop lying and apologize.

They finally did. Rachel Arab didn't. When you see her in public, force her to apologize using any means necessary. Maybe a punch to the back of her head will smarten her up.