@frasergeorg - either start digging or stop lying

[To-Cum-Less-Sex-whatthehellisthatword? Isn't Kamloops already an injun name? -ed]

Of course, the key fact remains that 215 days after this claim about "discovering 215 graves" was made, and about 185 days after we were promised a "full report" there's still not been a single verified dead Red Indian child dug up from the Kamloops Indian School...or, for that matter, anywhere. They should be finding a kid a day, instead they haven't even bothered looking.

Zero. George claims 215. Sounds like he needs to spend more time taking math in school, maybe we'll have to have him live in one? I know, I know, I'm recycling my old jokes.

But I'm okay with that, because activists like George are recycling the same lies. No graves have been found. No children dug up. The To-Cum-Less-Sex Tribe can't point to a single member they've lost due to the excellent Residential School system. Of course, they don't want to. That would start to uncover truths they don't want to address like what would happen if they started digging and found no children's bodies. Or less than a dozen and no sign of foul play. For a group who claims to want to "never forget what happened to them" (ie. they were educated in the superior British system and died as a far lower rate than would have happened in their wandering stone aged 'civilization') they sure aren't interested in discovering what happened to these kids. Did they all die of malnutrition? Were their necks snapped? Shot or stabbed? Died of the same TB that their race always succumbed to? Scalped by their own people and cannibalized or buried hundreds of miles away from the Kamloops School Site? Died in the fire we already know happened and can't be blamed on any educational system?

Nope, they've decided without actual evidence that a crime was committed and whites are guilty of it: as we've noted before, the evidence isn't there and they've learned their lesson from last time. Their problem isn't with the children who didn't return home. Their problem was that telling the truth about Residential Schools would make it clear that it was for the best that they fled "home" and never once looked back.