Well, it was fun while it lasted

Marmot Basin has announced they will be closing a week early on Saturday, April 23rd.

Maltz was in Marmot last weekend because he saw powder in the forecast and got all excited. However, the "fresh snow" melted away by 11:30 and got stuck in...

a big patch of..."Where do I go now?"

(Hike back 20 feet and avoid the snow covered tongue surrounded by grass)
The Knob and the Eagle were apparently still good, but the main run from the Rocky Mountain was already more than a little iffy.

Quite the contrast to last season when your humble correspondant got to experience one of Whistler's worst ever seasons while Jasper was the toast of the nation.

Meanwhile, Sunshine Village is still hoping to stay open until May 23rd. And while northern Alberta won't be skiing into May, guess who will be skiing in June?

Southern California? Yep. Mammoth Mountain will be open until Memorial Day weekend. Or, says an anonymous representative of the company...even later.