Great 8, meet the Legendary (something) 7

As we all know, going into the playoffs, Alexander "The Great 8" Ovechkin got 50 goals in the regular season following a critical hat trick against St. Louis. Tonight he fights for a series win against Philadelphia.

But there's one thing about the story that is still bothering me.

What's with the guy in the Oilers jersey?

At first I thought the CBC put an old file photo in place of a still shot from the game, and that the caption writer just didn't notice. But look again: everybody else is wearing their St. Louis Blues colours/jerseys, and you can even see one Blues fan covering her eyes in shame as Ovechkin raises his arms in victory. [it would be the most inaccurate CBC story ever that wasn't about Stephen Harper... -ed]

So what's the deal with this guy? The upright holding the two panes of glass up is obscuring his arm, but it looks like the last (only?) digit on the jersey is a "7". That could mean he's in a vintage Paul Coffey jersey...except Coffey never played for St. Louis (or Washington). He could be wearing a McDavid "97" jersey, which sort of makes sense...far less likely he's wearing a Adam Clendening, Benoit Pouliot or Oscar Klefbom jersey. None of these players have any connection to Washington or St. Louis.

The most likely jersey is for him to be wearing the jersey of former St. Louis Blues (and, for that matter, former Oiler) David Perron (#57). Former Oiler/Washington Capitals draftee Boyd Gordon (#27) is probably third most likely (McDavid being second-most).

Going further back we're reminded that Dustin Penner (#27) played for Washington before "semi-retiring". Earlier than that we have to go all the way back to former Washington centreman Adam Oates who last played in the NHL with Edmonton in 2003-2004. Back then, the Oilers were made up of Steve Staois, Jani Rita, and Eric Brewer.

We're further ahead, but still not at the destination. What's with the mysterious Oilers guy? Is he David Perron's former roommate out to celebrate his team? A Connor McDavid-obsessed Oilers fan just going around to other teams sadly trying to troll them? A hardcore Adam Oates fanboy who got a retro Oilers jersey on the cheap just to cheer on his beloved Capitals every time they come to St. Louis?

If you're out there, mysterious Oilers guy, please leave info in the comments.