The only thing worse than Justin's truancy is when he shows up

Shiny Pony was never really a Parliamentarian.

You know this, I know this. It's apparently shocking news to The Globe and Mail's John Ibbitson though.

Constant travel is part of a prime minister’s job description, and Lord knows Mr. Trudeau’s foreign forays have been good for Canada’s international image. But they appear to be taking their toll on his time in the House.

Typically, a prime minister does not attend Question Period Monday or Friday, but is available the other three days, unless circumstances intervene. A study of Hansard reveals that Mr. Trudeau has been present for 68 per cent of the Tuesday-to-Thursday Question Periods during this winter sitting.

In contrast, Stephen Harper was in the House for 81 per cent of the Tuesday-to-Thursday Question Periods up to this point in the Winter 2012 sitting, the first winter sitting of his majority government.
Will Rat Bastard 2.0 fall back on his previous excuse why he never bothered to show up to the job that he unjustly held? Namely: that Parliament "just wasn't working for ordinary Canadaians"? While Shiny Pony was out taking selfies and trying to raise his IQ above 75, we was skipping work more than the sitting Prime Minister was. Did we think that when he had more excuses to run around like a retard that he wouldn't seize them?

Buried too in Ibbitson's story is how omnibus this sick government is being, and how illustrative a lesson it is for the next conservative government in both Ottawa and Alberta...go hard and go fast, enact the most extremist policies you can as fast as you can.
The Liberals are moving aggressively on a packed agenda: infrastructure, indigenous issues, fighting climate change, voting reform. And now, as Daniel Leblanc reports, Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly is planning a sweeping review of culture policy. This government shows no hints of drift

I cut out the parts where John Ibbitson blatantly sucks Justin's cock. You're welcome to click the link if you're that interested in seeing the spin placed on this evil party's actions in power.