Lunch Lady Premier and her retarded cabinet can't do math

More #LifeWithNDP.
Moody’s Investor Service announced Monday it has downgraded Alberta’s long-term debt rating to double-A1 from triple-A and has given it a negative outlook.

It’s the second downgrade from a rating service since the province released its budget on April 14 that included removal of its debt ceiling and a forecast of $58 billion in debt by 2019.

Moody’s says the downgrade “reflects the province’s growing and unconstrained debt burden, extended timeframe back to balance, weakened liquidity, and risks surrounding the success of the province’s medium-term fiscal plan given the outlook for subdued growth.”
Look, this doesn't surpise anybody. Rachel Arab is a socialist, and she doesn't understand how reality works.

Moody's does.

They know the NDP must be eliminated, at all costs. Albertans must start immediately arming themselves. Rachel Arab has destroyed so much in 11 months.

It's time it ends.