This date event in (blog) history

The 2016 NHL draft lottery is a little over an hour away, and the Edmonton Oilers have the second-best chance of landing the right to draft top prospect Auston Matthews.

In the 2015 NHL draft lottery, held April 18th, the Oilers had the third best chance but obviously won the lottery. It was scary though, as the city held it's breath worried that the Leafs would get the pick. They didn't, and now despite the worst record in the league they actually have a 47% chance of drafting fourth overall thanks to the new rules.

To celebrate, I whipped up a graphic that went viral on social media, and featured the second ever case of my content being stolen and attributed to another person (the first was my World War II/soccer post in 2006).

So now a city waits on baited breath again, hoping that the second-worst-case scenario of 29 every other NHL teams comes true, and that the worst-case scenario of 29 teams (including the Oilers) doesn't: namely, awarding a first overall pick to that horrible city out east.