The 3,467th least sensible thing VIA Rail has done

Some prankster has threatened a VIA Rail train.

A spokesman for the passenger rail company says a threat was received recently and police were informed, but it appeared to be unsubstantiated.
Sounds like your usual garden variety threat, right? The kind that was plaguing Calgary schools last February that are not really legitimate and the announcement of which plays right into the goofball's hands.

So naturally, in the wake of a completely unfounded threat that in no way actually impacts the Crown Corporation, VIA Rail has decided to...


...act on them.
Via Rail says it has increased police and canine patrols in certain train stations following what it calls an "unfounded" threat.
So is this a case of officials publicly stating that the threat was unfounded but in reality knowing it is legitimate and planning accordingly? Or is it another case of security overreactions and ass-covering that will make VIA Rail (somehow even) more expensive and ultimately provide no tangible benefit to either train-riders or the public at large?

The answer, of course, is the second one. [as an aside, extra security was implemented after the nonsensical Calgary bomb threats as well. -ed]