All you need to know about the homeless is they don't deserve your tax dollars

Jesus Christ once said that "The poor you will always have with you", a clever way to encapsulate the economic reality that because human beings aren't equal, there will always be wealth disparties (even in a super-duper-socialist country!) equal to or greater than the disparity between the people themselves.

Justin "Rat Bastard 2.0" Trudeu thinks homelessness is caused by evil right-wingers failing to give jobs to drunken Indians.

It's the latter (and incorrect) mindset about homelessness that motivated the "homeless census" by which activists compete to find the biggest sob story cases to mandate stealing money from hardworking taxpayers to give to lazy layabouts.

Federal data shows that in Peel Region, next to Toronto, 12.3 per cent of shelter users are immigrants and 3.9 per cent are refugees. In Prince George, B.C., women experience more 'episodic homelessness' -- three or more homeless episodes a year -- than men, the reverse of most communities outside the North.

Nanaimo's mild weather makes it easier for people to sleep outside, and the local jail adds to the homeless population because inmates have "nowhere to go when they finish their sentence."
As can be expected for far-left articles about homelessness, expect scary sounding statistics to be quoted without context. Peel Region actually has more immigrants than Canadians living in it, so when you hear that 12.3% of shelter users are immigrants your first thought should be "that number ought to be closer to 50%", rather than feel some sort of shame that poor immigrants are forced into shelters. This is understandable when you remember that (especially under the Right Honourable Stephen Harper) immigrants were at least required to demonstrate an ability to live in Canada without social assistance. In fact, if 12.3% of immigrants are living in shelters then they should be immediately deported as they have failed to live up to the requirements Canada had for their permission to enter the country. The rapeugee count is harder to pin down: the Peel Region had a population of 1,296,814, 650,530 of them were immigrants. Rapeugees account for 25,000 a year (plus another 25,000 fake "Syrian" "refugees") nationwide out of a total annual immigration pool of 250,000, meaning you would expect there to be some 65,053 rapeugees in Peel (before the Syrian terrorists moved in). So be glad that despite 5.01% of the population being freeloading fakers from other countries, they only makeup 3.9% of the shelter use. Expect that percentage to spike as the fake "Syrian" "refugees" pour in.

Like the immigrant figures, this is from the 2011 census

Remember too the part about "the local jail adds to the homeless population because inmates have nowhere to go when they finish their sentence." Nowhere is that assertion backed up at all. More likely, the evil 2008 "Response to Homelessness Action Plan" has lured in more and more bums from other (colder) parts of the country. I don't doubt, however, that homeless people are of such low moral character that many turn out to be criminals as well.

Regardless, your money is being wasted on a "homelessness census". Don't be surprised when the results of this wasteful project are calls for even more of your money.

"For the poor shall never cease out of the land" said Deuteronomy 15:11, and boy is it ever true. It goes onto say "Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land".

And if you didn't plan to do so, far-left SJW politicans will force your hand open and take everything in it.