Trudeau's made of piss so his litmus test is pretty acidic

Neo-Keynsians have struck again.

Bloomberg reports that Rat Bastard 2.0 is about to unveil his first budget, and post a huge deficit just months after his retarded voter base blamed Stephen Harper for a debt caused entirely by Handjob Jack Layton.

But look how many far-left falsehoods authors Theophilos Argitis and Andrew Mayeda pass off as if they were truths.

Trudeau is taking advantage of a unique confluence of conditions unavailable to most: the fiscal room to experiment given Canada’s low debt levels, a parliamentary majority that allows him to execute without legislative obstacles, a clear mandate from the electorate to dip into the red and a prolonged political honeymoon at home.
Canada doesn't have "low debt levels" for one: the only way you can say an absolute lie like that with a straight face is if you're comparing Canada to countries pushing total debt-insanity. Our public debt as a percentage of GDP is 21st highest in the world (84.1%, which is 24.1% higher than the requirement to be allowed to join the European Union): worse than nations like Germany (81.9%), Netherlands (71.7%), Belgium (65.3%), India (66.8%), and Sweden (38%).

In fact, look at the other countries named at the top of the recent world's happiest people report and find that Canada has the second-worst debt/GDP ratio after Iceland, and a public debt/GDP ratio over double that of New Zealand, Australia, and the Scandahoovian countries. Sure Canada after ten years of Stephen Harper (pbuh) looks great compared to America after 8 years of President Monkey (103%), Japan in the midst of a demographic death spiral (226%), the Portugal that China bailed out in return to political favours (121%), or Greece in a massively public implosion (161%). But we're in a cluster with France, the UK, Spain, and Egypt. Not exactly the healthy debt countries one looks towards. And with the economy expected to be stagnant and Shiny Pony wasting another $30-$35 billion this year alone by the time Canadians are throwing rotten fruit at him to "celebrate" the one-year anniversary of his election we'll be in the 90% debt club...and don't forget that every province not lead by Brad Wall is also spending like drunken sailors too: even if the federal government could keep their spending pecker in their pants the provincial governments would mismanage Canada into the poorhouse anyways.

Rat Bastard 2.0 also doesn't have "a clear mandate" to spend taxpayers (most of whom also didn't vote for the prick) money on increasing debt. We've already established that most Liberal voters had no clue what was in his platform or what it meant. So Argitis and Mayeda are straight up lying here. Shiny Pony also got 40% of the vote, which isn't exactly the huge mandate that the authors seem to think it is -- parliamentary majority or no. And of course, he doesn't have a "prolonged political honeymoon". Talk to anybody who isn't a left-wing journalist and you'll see people spitting on your shoes if you even mention his name. Trudeau's Vogue photoshoots don't reflect the will of the people...again either Argitis and Mayeda are ignorant or they are actively being evil.

Unfortunately, when you have a horrible brain-dead "leader" to promote and his mental shortcomings prevent him from being the City on the Hill that you're pushing for, you have to come up with a narrative. And for that, you find...
To make the transformation, Trudeau is relying on his flair and dynamism -- he has enjoyed rock-star coverage from global media -- to attract attention to his agenda. Honeymoons however can be short-lived and past decades have seen the initial glow around center-left leaders fade, sometimes very quickly.

“There is appetite in the world for someone new on the left that could be an icon,” said Darrell Bricker, a pollster for Ipsos Reid in Toronto. At the same time, inspirational leaders almost always “run smack into reality.”

Trudeau is already coming up against the limits of style and personal persuasion. He made his G-20 debut in Antalya, Turkey last fall arguing that an economic case could be made for accepting refugees from Syria, with little success as recent developments in Europe have shown. On fiscal issues, the old balanced-budget front remains powerful. Even the U.S., with all its caution about cutting deficits too quickly, can’t follow Canada’s lead toward more expansionary fiscal policy given the two-year bipartisan budget plan agreed to by Obama last year.
He's a great leader, a brilliant plan, a litmus test to the world...oh, and he's completely out of touch with reality and "up against the limits" of hagiographic nonsense like the kind Argitis/Mayeda are desperately peddling, because when you get a guy who's biggest claim to fame is being a shitty bouncer trying to discuss world financial matters with people who may not have known as much as Stephen Harper (pbuh) but at least know something, things fall apart.

Which is pretty much what even Bloomberg is forced to admit.
One way to bolster the case for fiscal stimulus is to make smart spending decisions that will pay off in the long-run by boosting Canada’s productive capacity. Trudeau’s budget, to be released March 22 by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, will outline in detail estimates of how their spending will trickle through the economy and boost growth.
And here's where the ridiculousness of the neo-Keynsians come into play: when times are "tough" they can't say enough about the need to go into deficit spending to stimulate the economy. But when times start going good, they absolutely never believe that it's the time to completely abolish welare, fire 80% of the civil service, and cease funding every government program you can imagine. It's the infamous "one-way road" that ultimately means this supposed "litmus test" is complete and utter bullshit. (As an aside, Keynes was talking about running a deficit that was only 3% of GDP).

In other words, everybody knows that Trudeau is a lying piece of filth. The useless cunt has absolutely no intention of cutting spending when the economy heats up, but he's pretending now to be the disciple of some sort of economic deity that can save us all.
There are also potential pitfalls: wasted money on pet projects, corruption and inflated bureaucracy that does little to boost growth. It can also be tricky to turn the ship around.

“When you increase the budget deficit, it’s difficult to go back,” said Domenico Lombardi, director of the global economy program at the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Waterloo, Ontario. “You create a whole set of vested interests that put consistent pressure on you to keep policy expansionary.”
In other words: rampant corruption (always a problem when the Liberal Party of Canada is around) and an extremely biased civil service that will always be looking after themselves and screwing over the country means that Canada is setup for failure.

Of course we knew that Rat Bastard 2.0 was going to be a humiliating failure. He gets that from his useless father who's grave we all love to piss on.