Everything Russ Kuykendall said is true

And that's why faggots and their familiars don't like it.

What Russ said:

I'm told that St. Andrew Roman Catholic Church is one of the most conservative parishes in the city. Evidently, whoever rented the hall on behalf of the event was not entirely forthcoming with the parish priest and administration as to what event would convene. Then, apparently anticipating (wanting?) trouble, the event organizers arranged for two uniformed members of the Edmonton Police Service to be posted at the entrance to the hall. The parish priest is said to have advised parishioners who saw what was taking place across from the church sanctuary to pray.

What else could the priest advise? When the Knights of Columbus attempted to cancel a reservation for a lesbian wedding and offered to pay any costs associated with the change, they were brought up before the human rights commission.

The message that appears to be sent to Catholic Christians who don't accept this "lifestyle" as acceptable is that "equality" means that gay activists can take their agenda not just to your front door, but inside the door to places that are consecrated to the Catholic faith, with uniformed police officers (!) exercising state coercion to defend that right!
Now, will someone please tell me:
What happened to the separation of church and state?
Seeing how since Russ's 2007 blogpost and now faggots have used state coercion to force moral people to accept their disgusting immoral and illegitimate lifestyle time and time and time and time and time again, if anybody should be staying out of the Alberta legislature over these comments its anybody who opposes what he said who should be turning tail and running.