The French are about to surrender on austerity

Students in Queerbec are furious about the possibility of the province balancing its budget.

Look, left-wingers are stupid. Left-wing students are an extra level of stupid. French left-wing students have ascended to a new level of retarded not thought possible. If you have any sympathy for their "plight", you're as dumb as they are. Let's reflect on a simple truth that these Queerbec students are apparently unable to wrap their heads around.

Provincial government budgets eventually must be balanced.

Okay this is hard to understand, and I'm sure there are some brainless Keynesians out there who are starting to file their objections (long run all dead, yadda yadda yadda). But the basic maths don't lie. Even in Keynesian economics, governments at some point have to switch from "spending to stimulate the economy" to "saving to dampen a hot economy and put money back into the kitty". Provincial governments, especially far-left ones like Queerbec has had for ages, aren't very good at the second half of this equation. Whether it's today, or next year, or the year after that, at some point the government has to start paying off the debt it has accrued.

It's supposed to do that in good times. The problem is, Queerbec is currently experiencing a "good time". Yet those useless Frenchman aren't balancing their budgets and returning to a surplus position like the good Keynesians that these students presumably want them to be.

Fortunately, an option is available for Premier Philippe Couillard. The same retarded students who are causing this problem are also providing the solution.
Organizations representing some 100,000 Quebec students have voted in favour of boycotting classes to protest the provincial government’s spending cuts. Groups representing teachers, professors and some unions were expected to join the demonstration in Montreal’s Victoria Square.

Association pour une solidarite syndicale etudiante, or ASSE, organized the protest, which began at 1 p.m.
If the students and teachers aren't going to be showing up to class, the teachers can all be fired, the students all un-enrolled from university, and Couillard will suddenly find an extra $3.36 billion in his budget.

What is the projected deficit that Queerbec is trying to eliminate? $2.35 billion.

Problem solved!