Let's start the search for the real killer(s)

The #MMIW crowd is again going gangbusters with the news that the alleged killer of squaw-for-hire Cindy Gladue was found not guilty.

The "Justice for Cindy" crowd is mainly upset that the jury wasn't allowed to know that Bradley Barton had done internet searches for porn, and that some of that porn was "torture related".

First off, why are they so convinced that browsing for "sexual in nature" content is so damning, particularly when this is a man who was hiring a goddamned hooker. By his own admission Barton was looking for a blowjob, is it that hard to envision that he was checking for some jerkoff material in the days before. Are we trying really really really hard to forget that he's a trucker?

Secondly, this is a little "good for the goose, good for the gander". After all, we're constantly being told by the #RapeCulture and SlutWalk folks that when a total slut finds herself in a sitation where one of the many many many many many many cocks she seeks out in a day turns out to geo a little too far, we can't possibly "excuse away" the man's conduct based on the very real fact he was with a skank. So the same thing works when it's in the man's favour too: I don't care if an hour before he was with this squaw who's pussy is so stretched out he was able to put his hand in it he was searching for "I want to shove an object into Cindy Gladue's snatch until the bitch bleeds to death", you can't use that sort of thing in proving him guilty.

Which, of course, he's not. Found not guilty. #JusticeforBarton