Far-left Metro Calgary is an enemy of liberty.

Metro Calgary, who's sodomite media members had no problem beating the drum for Faggot-Familiar Alliances in schools, sure didn't like me calling me out on it and deleting this comment.

Every single thing Russ Kuykendall said was true. That's why the sodomite activists so object to hearing him say it.

Between 2007 and now, we've witnessed numerous cases in Canada, the U.S., Britain, and elsewhere cases of this extremist lifestyle using government to force those opposed to it to retreat out of the public sphere. Russ saw what was happening 8 years ago, and now it's uncouth of him to have dared to be right?

So let's not be surprised when cowardly Metro managing editor Mike Donachie drummed up controversy by getting a pro-#GamerGate booth banned from the Calgary Comic Book Expo, and Metro locked down their site to prevent comments.