Recharge during the all-star break perhaps?

Since the hockey season ended, I've been watching between one and three baseball games a day. Yet I still haven't had the energy to get into any of my fantasy teams, not the 4 Yahoo ones nor the five MLB.com salary cap leagues nor the MLB.com Hit Streak League.

Today I thought I'd do a quick rundown of how the teams are doing. Here and here are the draft day rosters of each team...maybe later in the week I'll get around to posting the current rosters. An early May pool update was given here...needless to say, I've gone downhill a little from that week where I was 2nd place.

Alberta Mariners (neé GoOilers?), Yahoo Public Head-to-Head: 11th/12, 30 games back, 46-71-3 record, 4-6-0 last week, 2-8-0 curently this week. Dmitri Young and my non-Ontario pitching tandem of Eric Gagne and Rich Harden are both on the disabled list.
Edmonton Separatists, Yahoo Public Head-to-Head: 4th/12, 19 games back, 60-50-10 record, 3-7-0 last week, 4-4-2 currently this week. Only Dustin Hermanson is on the DL.
Only Belarus Can Stop Me (neé FucktheEtownPolice, neé Rocket Man, neé BetterThan(insert team member name here)?, neé BetterThan(insert other team member name here)), Yahoo Private Head-to-Head: 6th/6, 22 games back, 61-79-4 record, 6-6-0 last week, 5-6-1 currently this week. With Derek Lee back in the lineup, only Cliff Floyd and Keith Foulke are on the DL this week.
Royal Alberta Navy, Yahoo Public Rotisserie: 11th/12, 41.5 points, +1.5 points today, 11.5 points out of 10th place. Ironically my healthiest team, nobody is injured.

In the end, I ranked 20% in my English Premiership Salary Cap "Football" (Soccer) fantasy team. I have no idea if that's good or bad. Literally no idea. I also don't know what any of the positions in soccer mean or what 99% of the stats mean. So that wasn't too bad, I suppose.