You did what???????????

CloseMaleFriend: So what happened to you tonight?
FeynmanAndCoultersLoveChild: Well, that girl who I've been hanging around with turns out to be a stripper.
CloseMaleFriend: Holy crap. So what happened?
FeynmanAndCoultersLoveChild: Well, she told me that she was a "proud bisexual", that she thought I was hot, and that she would be willing to perform any kinky sex act known to mankind if I was so willing.
CloseMaleFriend: And on the eve of our big bachelor party, wow...
FeynmanAndCoultersLoveChild: Wait, there's more. She's more than willing to do all sorts of things with me and 1/2/3/15 other girls. In fact, she's friends with several strippers and will gladly bring them to me.
CloseMaleFriend: F*&#ing paradise man! F*&#ing paradise...
FeynmanAndCoultersLoveChild: So naturally I said no.
CloseMaleFriend: WHAT???
FeynmanAndCoultersLoveChild: I turned it down. A stripper actually approached me with the full desire to do all sorts of amazing sex acts with me that men pay money to have simulated in front of them, and I said "not interested"
CloseMaleFriend: You sure you're not gay.
FeynmanAndCoultersLoveChild: No, I just hate women. But there would have been a catch to it. There always is. Remember the Bundy Curse.