Ripping an anonymous Edmonton cop a new rectum:

Tonight I loudly proclaimed walking down anti-climatic Whyte Avenue that "its a shame, we used to live in a free country". "It's still a free country" some anonymous EPS shithead claimed, having just physically shoved me and told me to walk on the other side of a parked vehicle. "Yeah, a f#%%ing cop telling me where to walk, sure sounds like a free country" I shouted back.

What I should have said goes a little more like this (this is the monologue I wrote as I walked away, so its not like I came up with it hours later):

So you think I live in a free country do you? That's a nice gun you have there. Where can I buy one of those? What, you mean I can't buy one because the government doesn't let me? I thought I lived in a free country?

Of course, if this was a free country there wouldn't be a man with a gun bossing me around, confident that I cannot have a gun. For if this was a free country, I too would have a gun, and if somebody with as little intelligence and class as you've demonstrated tried to tell me that I had to walk in a certain way or else, I would proceed to shoot them. It is that exact reason, the ability to exercise political freedom at the hands of a government agent, that a much wiser and civilized society which once proudly called herself free allowed its citizens to do.

Now, of course, we are most certainly not in a free society, we are in a totalitarian one, where people like you have undeserved levels of control which you justify having based solely on your ability to carry it out. One day you might lose that ability, and I certainly hope you fully appreciate at that precise moment the benefits a free society would have granted you.