Fascism is always falling on conservatives and landing on leftists

By now everybody has heard about the Shiny Pony's latest pathetic example of incompetence: literally arranging to have a former Nazi soldier applauded in the House of Commons for his service to Hitler.

Coming right off the heels of his embarrassing fiasco where he accused the Indian government of assassinating a political opponent (which in no way was true, more on that in a couple days) and caused a rift not only between Canada and India but indeed Canada and the Mother Country, he figured why not double down and celebrate a man who proudly marched under the same swastikas that we flew last year to (accurately) describe him for mandating vaccine passports?

The Speaker of the House has already resigned from his post (but not, critically, his seat), but there's plenty of blame to go around. While it's true that Rota did invite Hunka into Parliament in his capacity as Member of Parliament, and not as Speaker (early commentary reflected how it seemed Justin was throwing the Speaker under the bus for merely reading the next agenda item), and while its strictly true as a matter of protocol that an MP can invite an outsider for recognition without notifying the government, that didn't explain all the pre-session photo ops with several cabinet ministers and most likely Trudeau himself.

However don't think for a second the so-called Conservative Members of Parliament are any less guilty. If you saw all the videos of the applauding Parliament, it critically happened on both sides of the aisle. While nobody outside of Rota...and Gould...and perhaps Justin...and Freeland...whoever else from the Liberal Caucus took photo ops with Hunka before the session; while none of them knew his backstory, they could have figured it out instantly with the smallest degree of thought when they heard Rota's announcement:

If the video has since been scrubbed (don't laugh, the first thing the Liberals tried to do was remove the record of their shame from history), here's what Rota said:
We have here in the chamber today Ukrainian Canadians...Ukrainian Canadian world Veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian Independence against the Russians and continues to support the troops today. Even at his age of ninety-eight.

While you might think Rat Bastard 2.0's inane blather is contagious -- your title is "Speaker" and you mumble and bluster through a one-and-a-half sentence long notecard of prepared remarks? -- the fact that he's a World War Two veteran who fought the Russians should have been enough information to give you pause. There were only two countries who fought the Russians in WW2 and somehow I don't think he was joining the Japanese Army. You don't need to Google Hunka (where you find all the pictures of him with swastikas bragging about his being a member of an S.S. division) to know that from 1939-1945 the only organization on the planet fighting for Ukraine to leave the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was the German Government. Every Conservative MP upon hearing that a 98 year old man used to fight the Russians should have ceased any applause they may have instinctively started, turned their back on the centre of the chamber, and very visibly crossed their arms. Sure, the CBC would have had a field day with their "hateful" and "pro-Russian" action for a couple of days...until the international press finished lacerating their meal ticket to such an extent they would have had to turn tail and admit that one party got it right.

Instead, all the parties got it wrong. Maxime Bernier wouldn't have done this shit.

So as noted, the same Prime Minister who the international press keeps reminding us called truckers Nazis for using swastikas to attack him for his Viro Fascism is the one who's bringing in Nazis and then mealy-mouthed kinda-apologizing before blaming his screwup on Vladimir Putin (no, seriously) and trying to make it another "teachable moment" as he does every time he's guilty of stupidity/corruption/rape/evil/etc. Coming right off the heels of his vapid India broken plane trip disaster and the predictable-to-everybody-but-him fallout of his attack on the human rights of Canadian media producers and consumers, it's yet another self-inflicted Shiny Pony humiliation:

The funniest bit afterwards, of course, is how much the press is backtracking to try and protect him (see for example CBC's glowing press coverage of the Online News Act). I already linked above to the Burlington Gazette explaining why Gould took that photo with Hunka and cannot be held responsible for it (this is a new development in Canadian politics) but that pales in comparison to the Euheniia Martyniuk explaining why joining the Nazis was no big deal if you hated the communists, CBC explaining why Shiny Pony can't be held responsible for his party's MP (again, a new development), or Red Injun lover and certified retard Taylor Noakes explaining why it's really Canada's fault for letting all these Ukrainian SS soldiers into the country in the first place.

Hunka is a veteran of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician Division. The unit was renamed “First Ukrainian Division” toward the end of the war, and it is under this unit’s name that Hunka was initially identified in an AP wire photo.

Canada has at least two monuments dedicated to the veterans of this unit, one located in the Toronto suburb of Oakville, and another located in Edmonton. Recent incidents of anti-fascist vandalism in both locations prompted local police to launch hate crimes investigations. Jacobin has previously reported on Canada’s Nazi war monument problem.

Similarly, when Gould insisted that she never met with Hunka, the press didn't bother to spend 15 seconds double checking that she wasn't lying.

Now you might even agree with some of the "oh gee sorry about that but its totally understandable" stories, and many on their face seem perfectly acceptable. If he's a guest of one of your MPs or an attendee at your rally, you'll snap a picture with a guy not spending four hours first ensuring he's not a 14th Waffen Grenadier or the founder of the phony Dialagon meme or whatever. There were many (including General Patton and a few Canadian WW2 vets I know including one former Member of Parliament) who argued that halfway through WW2 Britain should have allied with Nazi Germany to tear the Russians a new one, and the history of Soviet Communism would seem to bear their argument at least some weight. The Westminster System shouldn't have the Prime Minister be considered the "leader" of his caucus (that's the House Leader's job, technically, so Rota is Gould's problem), that's a nod to the American system too far. Also maybe proud Ukrainian Nazis shouldn't be given memorials in a country where Sir John A. MacDonald is being torn down for his "crimes" of educating retarded Indians.

The point, of course, is that for the mainstream press this only happens when leftists screw up. Which is why it's so funny that the international press flat out isn't letting the Shiny Pony get away with it. Even the CBC has to admit now that on the world's stage Canada and our Parliament is being mocked and derided and diminished (though they also, as per usual, want to Noakes-style call this a "teachable moment" about our past).

So yet again, when you think of Nazis and Canada, think about this guy, and all the other leftists who support him.