More violent niggers murdering their superiors

Two black teenagers steal a car and go joyriding. They film themselves as they rear-end another vehicle, then spot a man bicycling along the side of the road. They deliberately run him over, killing him, as they film the murder, laughing.

Powerline is slightly cowardly in their writeup. 

These savages are niggers. N-I-G-G-E-R-S. They loudly and proudly call themselves that in the video, so I find no reason we should ever dance around calling them anything but.

Instead of "reparations", niggers like these need to be found, their throats slit in the public square, whites dance around their bodies and cheer, and then their mothers forced to sit in a chair Clockwork Orange style as they have to watch the video of it happening over and over and over again.

Every single nigger who misbehaves like this, we repeat the exact same ceremony over and over and over again. You will be slaughtered -- it's important to avoid any imprimatur and therefore the term "executed" is to be avoided -- and those you care about will be tortured with the knowledge that we have not only done so, we have gleefully done so.

Hey niggers, your niggery pursuit of niggerish activities will be permanently unniggered at our delight in the harshest of methods.

I'm reminded of something I didn't get to blog about earlier in the month: the wedding massacre in Ottawa. I was away all weekend, however I instantly knew what the media was cravenly scared to admit: this was just more niggers killing other niggers. The signs were all there, of course; CTV News channel had a lot of coverage about the event, however at no point did the crack team of journalists have that mainstay of tragedy porn: the bystander interview. They didn't seem able to find anybody who was actually there who could speak to them about what was happening, which seemed odd for a wedding that took place at a convention centre. There was nothing but bland official reports, which of course told you nothing, and there was only one possible explanation for why CTV wasn't airing something better was that they didn't have anything better. The Occam version is of course that they didn't want to air anything better: it would be a bunch of niggers stumbling through basic English making you immediately realize that if we hadn't let them into Canada from the Niggerland (Somalia, likely) then there wouldn't have been a shooting. Similarly, early Sunday morning Ottawa Police put out a cryptic note that this "didn't appear to be a hate crime" which immediately told you that you were looking at a nigger wedding.

Despite the size of the event, it appears CTV News isn't the only one who seems uninterested in a followup: Ottawa Police are appealing to the general public -- who were not attending the wedding -- to speak up if they think they noticed anything hinky over the weekend after presumably failing to get anything out of the attendees but a bunch of clicking noises and the sort of trashy nonsense the niggers in the vehicular homicide video were blathering. That same weekend, of course, was yet more citywide nigger violence in Alberta, this time in Calgary. Oh, and...uh... checks notes...Tel Aviv.

For Christ's sake, what are niggers from Eritrea doing in Tel Aviv? Don't they have enough trouble with sand niggers causing violence in Israel? Did they think to themselves that they were bored of this and why not import some O.G. negroes to perform the one task they seem uniquely capable of performing?

At least Israel seems interested in doing something about it. On this side of the Atlantic, as Mark Steyn notes in discussing the Nevada niggers murdering an innocent white, the media seems very interested doing exactly what I noted CTV did on September Long Weekend by doing everything they can to minimize the obvious problem with letting in more and more niggers who misbehave worse and worse

Having remained silent through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the Review-Journal finally returned to the "bike crash" today to defend its feeble, anaesthetizing coverage:
As the online firestorm evolved on Saturday, editors at the Review-Journal changed the headline of the article, removing the phrase "bike crash" and replacing it with "hit-and-run," hoping the change would calm the online vitriol.
But that isn't true either: it's an act of murder - a vehicular homicide for which that guy in Charlottesville, Virginia is presently serving half-a-millennium.

Even more disturbingly, the paper revealed that its original "reporter" (a "hero", according to the paper) had known about the cellphone footage for over a fortnight:

In fact, a source had contacted the Review-Journal about the existence of the video more than two weeks ago, and a reporter had instructed the caller on how to forward the video to Metropolitan Police Department detectives investigating the case.
Why, they even did another bland, insipid minimal item on the charge getting upgraded to murder.

Er, okay. But in that case - if you knew about the video "more than two weeks ago" - why didn't you do a piece on that? Because, in any real journalistic culture, that's the story - not sentimentalist sob-sister crapola about, aw, he was a nice guy with a "love of coffee" who unfortunately came a cropper on his bicycle.

The video is the story, but the local paper wouldn't cover it. As its comrades elsewhere in the US media still haven't covered it. Why is that? Oh, well: as usual with an American news event, it took Viscount Rothermere's Daily Mail to write it up in any detail.

 Steyn of course is quick to point out that maybe niggers would be better behaved if we didn't keep telling them that behaving in a civilized manner in a civilized society is so white and therefore bad even though the superior white culture and standards of conduct are objectively better than what the niggers are replacing it with:

Given American education's decline into an unending relitigation of an ever more remote past, are you really stunned that some people are willing to take it to the next level? It's just the slightly more hardcore end of the same continuum as Ibram X Kendi's lucrative racket, "Critical Race Theory", "white fragility" in America, the awful "Voice" referendum Down Under, the toppling of Sir John A Macdonald in Dominion Square in Montreal, and all the other bollocks of the continual 24/7 assault on, for better or worse, our shared inheritance. And, once it's no longer shared, what's left to hold society together in the bright new dawn of Year Zero?

So why be surprised that it seems to be advancing from Civil War statues to flesh-and-blood human beings?

Of course, in the past week the infamous Gregoire Lake has been the site of another murder where no whites were involved: a Red Injun teenager found dead on the side of the road. No mealy mouthed "oh he died in a bike crash" headlines, of course.