Why Wednesday's protest won't work


Canada 🇨🇦, million to March, September 20th

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On this coming Wednesday, September 20th, an event called the "Million Person March" is being planned at every provincial legislature and at various schools across Canada, to help protest against the evil sodomites and their sick agenda.

I'm very very sorry that it's not going to be well attended.

I've written about this before:

Commandment The Second: Conservative Rallies Shall Be On Weekends
Ezra's second mistake was having the rally on a Friday afternoon. Another problem with conservatives rallying is that the target audience are all industrious and hardworking people who work full-time (and often beyond) at real life jobs in the real life private sector. Unlike the lazy unproductive losers who inhabit public sector unionized jobs (and even private sector unionized jobs), they can't just tell work that they'll be taking the rest of the day off to go protest a coffee company's policy of advertising on their in-house TV network. I'm not meaning to minimize #BoycottTims in any fashion here, but in all honesty there's no way that almost any political cause is as important as staying at work and getting paid money and not fired. Again, lazy public sector unionists can just leave at any time to go rally: they put it in their contracts for Christ's sake. This is because leftists aren't actually worth having at work, they can disappear for hours and life goes on. Conservatives have real jobs that they have to remain at during working hours or all hell breaks lose. The sheer uselessness of liberals ensures that a weekday rally will always favour them. Rallies that involve conservatives need to take place over the weekend.

And indeed, I will not be attending the Million Person March, because it's at 9am on a Wednesday. I'll be at work, the same place I'd be if the rally was moved to 9am on Tuesday or 2pm on Wednesday. With the way rush hour traffic in Edmonton has been the last few weeks, depending on the location 5:30 would be difficult to swing.

I understand that it's a school protest and meant to take place at schools during the time the kids being pushed pillow biting and chopping off tits as a positive lifestyle change, but by its very nature that provides the target protester a significant hurdle that we generally can't get out of. For those of us who have already used up our vacation days as a result, we simply can't go. That will certainly keep the number of attendees low.

But, as I noted in that previous post, this won't affect public sector unionized workers. Indeed, the Ontario Federation of Labour is already privately whoops now publicly plotting (they literally call themselves "conspirators") to disrupt and deny the group who oppose faggots diddling children their ability to get the message out. They will be permitted to leave their workplace and specifically picket in defense of the union, while even conservative workplace owners who showed the Rebel Media documentaries in the break room (yes, this is a thing!) will not be permitting this. Of course, if you wanted to march in the Million Person March, that same public sector worker wouldn't permit it.

Nor is the other reason it's at 9am, the student walkout, going to be as successful as you might hope and for much the same reason. During Friday Climate Strike protests in 2019 for example, students who wished to protest the fact that fossil fuels are a great thing were given permission by their own school administration to skip class. The unit circle? Romeo and Juliet? Nonsense, none of those things are more important than the impending global warming disaster that 97% scientists agree will destroy the planet by 2015! While  school administrations were less forgiving of student protesters outraged over a rumour that a nigger was called a nigger, its still a better outcome than any student who walks out on Wednesday will receive. Just ask Josh Alexander, who staged a protest with far more validity than "the dominant religion in Africa is anti-black" and was suspended and later expelled for it, now having to fight in court to be allowed into the school he supposedly has a human right to attend. In other words, unlike the "climate justice" and "social justice" which school administration either actively encourages or neutrally ignores, this protest in favour of actual justice and protecting kids from the Kris Wells of this world so anxious to sodomize them before they get too old will likely be harshly treated by the same people who got together in that OFL video.

The Edmonton version is apparently at the ATA headquarters kitty-corner to Ross Sheppard School near Westmount, but your local locations may vary.

The First Commandment of Conservative Protests was "Conservatives Shall Not Rally". Conservatives are getting better this since that post in 2015 but still are a long way from exorcising the fact that as free thinking individuals we don't do well at mass protests. As you'll recall during the Freedom Convoy, there were far more supporters who never bothered going to downtown Edmonton or the Whistle Stop Cafe than those who went; when we did get a large-ish turnout one of the media talking points was the "various messages": unlike the left, when the right gets together to protest something there is far more of a spectrum of opinions and attitudes around the best alternative outcome. It's why our ideas are superior, this discussion wholly absent from the left, but it makes the messaging less firm.

The evil poofters in our schools need to be fought with every weapon we have and stopped by any means we deem necessary. This is an absolutely essential fight and we cannot stop until they are completely and utterly destroyed.

This event on September 20th won't achieve any of that.