TekSavvy customers aren't very econ-savvy..

The CBC, crazy as it may seem, is upset that the price of internet for many Canadian customers is going up.

Forget for a moment that this was a (regulatory-approved) increase that was announced before anybody but Chairman Xi knew about COVID-19. Isn't it amazing so many customers get the relationship between demand/load and price/rationing exactly ass-backwards?

But that provides little solace for Bell customer Kelsey Shaffer, a motel owner in Kakabeka Falls, Ont., who noticed a price increase on her March 25 phone bill with Virgin Mobile, a brand owned by Bell. The combined cost of two phone plans for her family had increased by 10 per cent to $110 a month.

"I was angry and upset," she said. "Just the fact that it's happening right now — when nobody has money and a bunch of people are out of work — is an extra slap in the face."
Bell is already bending ass-over for people who can't afford their bills. You'd think a small business owner might be a little more clever.

You certainly won't expect such from an artistic CBC employee. They don't know the smallest thing about economics:
It just seems to me really thoughtless," said Sugith Varughese of Toronto, whose internet plan with Bell went up by $6 a month on his April 6 bill.

The actor, who has appeared on CBC television shows, said he hasn't worked since mid-March, when a play he was cast in got cancelled due to COVID-19.

"Going ahead with an internet price increase during a pandemic is completely unfair because I — like almost every other Canadian — am really dependent on internet now."
So everybody is really dependent on the internet right now. The solution, therefore, is to (artificially) deprive companies of the many they need to maintain/expand internet capacity.

Hey here's a crazy idea! How about all of these people who are struggling financially start putting pressure on Rat Bastard 2.0's government to start scaling back on all the measures that were originally just to "save the healthcare system" and have suddenly turned into keeping the number of overall cases down?