Edmonton Library Mayoral Forum

Last Wednesday night was the Edmonton Public Library's mayoral forum in the race to replace that cowardly fag-loving piece of worthless shit Iveson who deserves a lead pipe to the back of the head. I was hoping to liveblog it, however I ended up having to work until right to the moment it started, so instead I'm just able to review it after the fact (and this review taking so long, you might guess, is also related to how much work has monopolized my time).

The first thing to remember is the bias. It starts immediately with the ridiculous and false claim by Pilar Martinez that the Edmonton Library is on something called "Treaty Six territory". It's not: this is white man land belonging to Her Majesty Queen Victoria's successor. We should be all celebrating about that rather than droning on about how much of a shame it is that some jackpine savages aren't still wandering around ineffectively killing animals for food. (more on them later)

The bias is in more than just the worthless blather about Red Indians though: look at the contents of the actual questions being asked. (more on that later too)

Obviously EPL is going to push their "more money for us" agenda, but then it extends to "more money for all sorts of left-wing bugaboos". In addition to "how will you fund the libraries which exactly 6% of people in the city actually care about" there's nonsense about "climate change", "diversity and inclusion", and homelessness. There were also some generic questions about "what's your vision for the city", "how will you work with other council members", and "how will you work with other levels of government", and then a couple token ones about fiscal responsibility and economic recovery, which fully half of the candidates reacted to like it was kryptonite. Rat Bastard 2.0 isn't the only one who "doesn't think about monetary policy" much.

I suppose it's worthwhile to review who you were even listening to.

Amarjeet Sohi is a corrupt Trudeau Liberal (but I repeat myself). If he wins, arm yourself heavily and be prepared to storm City Hall on its first day.

Mike Nickel was the strongest small government even-remotely-conservative voice on City Council back in the sensible 90s and early 2000s, and in the last couple of elections was the only candidate who didn't want to blow a trillion dollars on everything. Is he still like that now? Uh, not really.

Kim Krushell was Nickel's opposite: there wasn't a wasteful program with my taxes that she wasn't willing to spend on. Is she still like that now? Uh, yep, if not worse.

Michael Oshry is trying to be the "bridge candidate" between social responsibility and fiscal responsibility. However he has disqualified himself. See below.

Cheryll Watson is a tech investor who founded Innovate Edmonton, is part of the Downtown Recovery Task Force, and is single-handedly keeping Edmonton's Botox industry alive.

Diana Steele is a hippie who drives a Tesla.

Brian Gregg is a hippie who plays a guitar and hates your fundamental human rights.

Finally Rick Comrie (yes, that Comrie) is the candidate we deserve, but sadly unlikely to be the mayor we get.

Gregg really loves the library, by the way. So much he wrote a song about it. Thankfully we didn't have to hear it, but he did envision people being able to go to the library to watch an Oilers game for free and "browse without surveillance" (though to be fair I do use the library internet connection whenever I have to email faggots about how I'm going to execute them). They all seemed to have some vision for the Edmonton Library other than "60% spending cuts starting on the first day". They all vow to be a library "advocate" (Nickel called it a "good run ship" and blathered about their social function) even though Steele didn't know if library cards were free. Watson thinks the downtown library is a "model" and "leader" despite the fact it's just awash in drunken Red Indians and druggies, and an international laughingstock.

In general they were all so lovey-dovey, partly because most all of them were scum sucking leftists. They were so certain that other scum sucking leftists were going to be city councilors that they were happy to work with the "great crop of candidates". Mike Nicol tried discussing a marketplace of ideas and I'm pretty sure censorious Sohi almost died.

Audience members were allowed to ask questions, by the way. So yes, I was able to ask questions. What kind of questions, you ask? Well, questions like...

  1. If you want to connect with all voters and not just ones whose opinions meet the strict windows imposed by Big Tech, will you all promise to join Gab as mayor?
  2. Vision Zero is expensive, impossible, and represents a very sick war on cars. Will you pledge to end it?
  3. The Blatchford development is officially a failure, will you vow to reopen the downtown Edmonton airport?
  4. All the smart people had us spending billions to improve downtown office space through mass transit. COVID has ruined both of these, will you promise to not sign onto pie-in-the-sky future endeavours?

Instead of course they "moderated" which meant that the questions would all come from people they wanted to be asking. Unlike a real life forum with a lineup at the microphone, they are able to apply that bias even more viciously and ensure questions only were based on leftist nonsense.

So instead they got audience questions that you could imagine came right from Jack Layton's diseased penis, like "how can you help build a welcoming and inclusive diverse city". Oshry and Krushell try talking a decent line about promoting business. Oshry points out that as a Jew there's a bunch of people in the city that want to kill him but strangely enough can't bring himself to point out that "diversity" is the reason it became a problem. Gregg seems to think that we should be working 20 hours a week (like "hunter gatherer societies" and therefore Edmontonians need to work fewer hours for more pay. Can you guess he's a dipper?

On the topic of pandemic recovery Nickel wants us to return to blue collar roots which is nice, Comrie wants to improve roadways and stop pandering to whiny cyclists, so I enjoyed the first part of this question. Sohi of course can't think about economics without thinking they are "tied" to "social equity and climate change" and doesn't think we can improve as a city without using less carbon which is exactly backwards of course. He thinks "societal issues" are why the economy isn't helping certain lazy nonwhite races. Not wanting to be out-retarded, Steele thinks the problem is that we haven't cured homelessness and mental health.

So switch directly to homelessness. Nye notes that the city has been "working on this for many years". Yeah, and how is that going? Billions wasted, again, and apparently we're setting new records. South Park knew how this worked, and every conservative in 2009 knew how this worked, but leftist journalists and politicians seem to think the solution is we just didn't get it 100% perfect the first time. Krushell thinks the solution is to be "more collaborative" approach even though that's what we did last time. She also thinks "safe injection sites" that "save lives" is important even though my plan (spike every needle at the "safe injection site" with rat poison) would solve the problem of homelessness she's talking about. Oshry mumbles something about "we can do better" (who's this "we" kemosabe, I don't create a single homeless person) and then wants to put 200 more units a year in "supportive housing" which wait we've been doing since 2009 at great cost and remember the problem has gotten worse. Gregg and Watson think the problem is "not enough community hubs" and "criminalization of poverty" rather than "not enough people leave out 2/3rds of a pizza in their trash bin after lacing it with cyanide".

Next of course is "climate change". Nickel and Oshry both think the solution is government working with the private sector, by spending billions in "climate change initiatives" that a little corporate welfare would fix right up. Steele in the meanwhile thinks people "just don't know" about climate change, and Krushell promotes how we already have an "action plan" that needs to be acted on and yet the problem hasn't apparently been fixed. More of the same continues to be the solution even though it didn't work last time.

Remember talking about lazy Red Indians earlier? Well it continues. They started by talking about "urban indigenous" which is a fancy term for Indians who aren't living on the reserve like the treaty told them too. Remember "Treaty 6" they were all up about earlier? They didn't. Also, this is all about "living up to" the ridiculously far-left "Aboriginal Accord" which, like the TRC, nobody should be in favour of.

So of course they all -- even Comrie! -- signed up for the Kool Aid. Sohi actually talks about how he helped bring about TRC recommendations as if they are a good thing, and promotes the stupid Injun names around the city as another example of things he wants more of. He insists "they need to be in the drivers seat" even though they are a minority. Gregg did nothing but spout a lot of Injun words and wants a powwow arena built (because building arenas has worked so well for us) and urban reserves within Edmonton even though Treaty 6 was explicit that this is white man's land, and no matter what your opinion of how Edmonton is run and lived in it's in far better condition than any reserve. Left on their own Red Indians pollute and generate atrocious living conditions.

Finances at least became a sort-of-topic, nobody but Comrie really spoke out about it. Krushell and Nickel made a nod towards reducing taxes in Edmonton, but they don't notice that all the things they want Edmonton to do is going to cost money and we could get huge savings just by not spending the money for all these bugaboos. Oshry talked a good game on reducing the size of government, again forgetting everything else he's been saying all night.

Edmonton's LRT expansion has also been a giant failed disaster. Billions spent, traffic disrupted, all for a transit model that no longer works because everybody is working from home and social distancing. This was my question from earlier, remember, but this one they framed as "what are your plans to ensure equitable transportation options while setting up Edmonton to be a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions". Sohi, like the Liberal piece of shit that he is until we beat him until he's covered in maroon welts, again promotes his role in creating the ridiculous mess we have while assuring us that we just need more and more of his "solution" to a problem we didn't have. Gregg's problem is that humans have choices: we "travel way too much" and "don't live nearer to where we work" because that's totally how normal people choose where to live. So having autonomous vehicles where Gregg, and not us, decides when and where we go. He's not 100% wrong that  we might be spending on yesterday's solution, but his ideas are worse than the old ideas: also halfway through he realized how personal choice would negate his spending plans and had to swing back around. Comrie again stole the show by going negative on these people and complaining about transit being an ideological rather than pragmatic approach. He and Gregg sniped at each other a couple times but this was where it got really noticeable.

How will Edmonton's next million people get here and what city will it be? Steele wants homelessness cured so Elon Musk visits, Krushell thinks the vulnerable need protection and that's somehow the mayor's job, while Oshry is against sprawl and wants the next million people to be within Edmonton's current borders. I guess eventually that means he's against amalgamation...or for it. He then wants "cool and interesting things" built in the city. Not to harp on the point but the last time council built something cool and interesting it was the funicular that I might have been the only person in traditional or social media to speak up against...spoiler alert, the Oshry camp was wrong and I was right.

The question then came up about working with other levels of government. The key thing to note, of course, which none of the candidates seemed capable of doing and I brought up almost twelve full years ago is that municipal government exists entirely at the province's whim: this really got people mad at Doug Ford a couple years ago, as you may recall. So immediately Gregg announces that his goal is to remove the UCP from power. Well that's mine too Gregg only I want them replaced by a right-wing alternative while his preferred party wants to take away my human rights. Gregg has a guitar, I have unlicensed guns. We can play it your way if you want, chump. Watson wants to join forces with a city that elected a child molesting Muslim sodomite, Sohi wants to "build a coalition" which if you'll recall didn't work well the last time he tried that. Only Comrie made sense here, denouncing the sick ideological agenda of Mayor Coward and his ilk which meant that they partnered with a dangerous federal agenda that legally they aren't allowed to have anything to do with.

Urban sprawl is still an issue, thinks the Edmonton Public Library. Everybody seems to love infill: Krushell loves it, Oshry loves it (though he casually mentioned the entire 20 people who "infilled" Blatchford in that disaster) just thinks the city needs to manage it better, Nickel loves it and just wishes people wouldn't try to escape city limits, and Steele loves it and just wants builders to admit that "social conscience" is important. Downtown Edmonton revitalization and promotion was discussed, and believe it or not nobody complained about the stupid fucking funicular. Watson wants to centralize businesses downtown and provide policing and transportation as required, though it's nice she wants to improve street parking. Comrie wisely notes that most people don't live or even work downtown, thought it would be nice if he brought up previous "improve downtown" disasters other than the roadways around Rogers Place. I would have tongue in cheek suggested that the best course of action would be to remodel Churchill Square and the Milner Downtown Library. Sohi can't imagine the city not having a thriving downtown, talks about all the stuff he did to improve downtown, and not to harp on this point but the retard apparently had no problem saying this without noticing that it didn't succeed. Also you'd think this was 2019 or something. Sohi and all the "experts" poured money into making downtown a business and cultural and residential hub just in time for the world to discover they mostly don't need to go into the office and certainly don't need to live in a 700sq.ft. hole in a building that nobody can easily get to and/or visit. The only reason Sohi doesn't sound like a complete moron of course was Gregg who lives in Rossdale and is constantly downtown playing guitar with an old hat on the ground collecting pennies, and thinks downtown needs more parks and free services and programs and oh look we're spending yet more money. As with the transportation, he accidentally stumbles into libertarianism and then has to run away from it ASAP.

A viewer wanted to know how candidates would improve innovation and the economy. Oshry had so little to contribute besides "owning a software scam company" he took time to plug his overall campaign. Nickel takes credit for legalizing pot and speeding up the approval process for manufacturing facilities. One of these is worth being proud of, I suppose. Steele obviously has no examples but she added to our "cultural economy" by putting out regular Wuhan Flu videos where she acted like every Viro Fascist does: demanding people follow the rules and demanding yet more rules. I won't comply, Diana. Put out 500 or 5000 videos about your "expectations" of me all you like. Krushell also founded software scam companies and wants more P2P organizations.

Discussing community leagues, Comrie is in favour of more community leagues but wants social program spending to be slashed elsewhere to help pay for it. Sohi needed community support years ago which is an argument against them better than anything I've ever heard. Sohi then ignores his earlier collaboration by denouncing provincial spending cuts. Hey he's a Liberal through and through, he can't go 45 seconds without lying about what he just said. Gregg reiterated more social services including emergency shelters in all 153 community leagues because that's totally what Lago Lindo is missing out on. Watson wants to give community leagues more...money? No, autonomy, by reducing city spending rules and regulations. Honest question none of the candidates asked: what percentage of Edmontonians know which community they're in and use any of these services?

So that was the whole thing. Again, the ridiculous biases of the questions really shone through. By far the best choice of the night was Comrie...which is why earlier this week he backed out of the race. I guess that leaves Nickel as the next best choice and Watson far down in second place. After that is probably Krushell and Oshry in a battle for even more distant third place, with the rest of the trash scurrying along the bottom of the seacan.

It's worth noting at the end, to bring it all together, how atrocious all this love for the myth of the Red Indian has been in this whole thing. Every time somebody opens up with a "land acknowledgement" it's always a signal they are going to be endlessly lying. For a minor example, did you get a thing from Oshry in the mail? Since I've improved upon it the readability is low, here's the gist:

I acknowledge the traditional land on which Edmonton sits, the Territory of the Treaty 6 First Nations and the homelands of the Métis people. We acknowledge the achievements and contributions of local First Nations people to the development of the region, especially in the 144 years since the Treaty was signed; and to celebrate the collaborative relationship enjoyed today by the Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations and the City of Edmonton.

As we've covered before, Edmonton squarely sits on white man's land and thank Christ, because we can see on the reserves how badly Injuns bugger things up when they're given more "voice". At least his little spiel covers a bit of this: the reason this is the "homeland" of the Metis is because they by definition are half-white and therefore started here. Red Indians, of course, started in Mongolia and themselves are land thieves. What, you think the people in Peru in 1491 crossed the Bering Strait and decided for no real reason to keep wandering? It's because, as in all prehistorical migrations, they were forced out by people coming in behind them. Every Indian tribe in Canada has blood on their hands. And while "prehistorical" over here basically ends around 1580, the "Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations" was never a thing. Half the tribes hated each other, and the other half were only roaming the territory they were due to wars between other tribes getting in the way.

Essentially since Confederation the "development of the region" was done by whites, with Red Indians dragging their heels and having tantrums about development to this very day. I think I made a graph about that once...

There's no need for the City to "collaborate" with anybody except for the lazy bums next door stealing power and water. You'd think with that sweetheart deal they'd be a little more appreciative. A real mayor would give them a choice: if you want us to keep getting water, we never again spew this "traditional lands" bullshit (the first person on my property was a white man; the injuns never set foot on it), or you get your own water somehow. That Oshry and so many other candidates can't do this is why you never should give them a minute of your support, and never stop calling your ward by the proper number and not some lazy Injun gibberish.