A challenge to the woke assholes at EPCOR and Wilcow Contracting

 What did they say?

I demand you publish an actual account of what was said.

It doesn't escape notice that Marc Sneitiker, the far-left teacher who reported it, has locked his account which is usually the sign of a deceitful liar.

When Wilco Contractors NW published their apology and groveling over the incident they also made no mention to what was actually said.

Employees working on a dry pond project near Edith Rogers School made racist comments and disrespectful actions towards participants in a smudging ceremony

From experience, we have seen that when woke corporations claim comments are "racist", once we find what was actually said it turns out to be far from the truth. I'm going to go right out and say that there's probably an 80% likelihood that the comments were true, defensible, and noble.

The Covington teenagers, remember, were accused of "racism" for smirking at a wacky Red Indian activist who embellished his military record. President Trump was accused of "racism" when comments he made about a violent gang of rapists was falsely reported as being directed at Latinos in general. The Minnesota woman accused of racist slurs at a Chioptle? It turned out she was just refusing to serve known scammers.

Meanwhile, what's wrong about being "disrespectful" about a smudging ceremony?

Edmonton Public Schools previously said the smudging ceremony was part of its efforts to teach students about reconciliation with Indigenous people. Smudging is a type of ceremony practised by certain Indigenous cultures. It typically involves the burning of sweetgrass, sage, tobacco or cedar, according to the Canadian Encyclopedia.

So yet another forum where far-left teachers like Sneitiker raise the next generation to believe warm and fuzzy lies about Red Indians and their inferior cultural practices.

It's time to come clean and tell us what exactly was said.