@suestroud - Who "harasses" whom?

So let's take a quick theoretical straw poll. Which group "harasses" the other more?
People who don't wish to wear a mask when they encounter a mask wearer?
People who want to wear a mask when they encounter somebody without a mask?
Is there anybody who thinks the answer is (1)? Anybody?

After all, we dubbed folks like Mr. Stroud or Mr. Mickleburgh as "Viro Fascist" for a reason, didn't we? It's hardly scientific but are there a lot of YouTube videos about people confronted (harassed) about refusing to wear a facemask? Yep, and sometimes it's even fatal (because, you know, it's all about your health)...

Are there cases going the other way around? Yes, but extremely rare. In fact, when it happened in BC this May it was a news story. Hilariously one of the comments regarding this masked woman being harassed for wearing on was:
Another argued the man “is a hero, he is doing the right thing by giving the mask community a taste of what it’s like to be harassed for not wearing a mask.”

One person called it “Karma” for all the people “being assaulted on buses or Skytrain for not wearing a mask.”

Call me when the mask wearers are harassing the unmasked for "payback" rather than "angry that we aren't doing our part" (and yes, I've been harassed for not wearing a mask in the store as well, and the quick answer is "I don't have to, it's against my religion" with the chance for the followup if the harassment continues "by the way beating the shit out of you is not against my religion"). It's unclear how Stroud thinks that the elaborate plan of the unmasked is to bully others: I don't know about him but I see masked people driving along in their cars all the time (and now windows are always rolled up). I think they're morons in the same way I think people with those Vancouver Canucks window stickers are morons. Somehow I let these retards go along with their day without any interference from me.

What we "want" of course is the freedom to not wear a mask if we don't want to. Dead stop. That's the thing about liberty that Viro Fascists like Mr. Stroud and Rod Mickleburgh are so oblivious to. Rod's line about "I will never understand the fierce resistance" is very telling. He's such a fan of intense government control that the idea people aren't interested in complying apparently literally hasn't occurred to him. If you want to know why so many idiots write for the Globe and Mail you may have just found one of them root causes you hear so much about.

Not wearing a mask literally does represent freedom when the government mandates wearing one, especially when that mandate is brand new, unknown to human history, and comes and goes based entirely on what other people are up to right now. That the masks themselves are ineffectual hardly matters. They could prevent the spread of the Wuhan Flu 100% of the time and the moral case for mandating them still doesn't exist.