This never would have happened under a Christian mayor

Calgary just wrapped up a shocking 2015 that saw them competing with Toronto for Canada's Murder Capital rather than their usual December pasttime of wondering what's wrong with Edmonton.

In 2015 Cowtown saw a late ruling in the death of Jessica Hagan which officially ended their year with 34 murders: they had only six in 2011 when their northern neighbour hit 47. Toronto (which Edmonton even surpassed numerically in 2011) has Calgary beat with 56 murders in 2015, but they also have a substantially larger population to draw from.

The equalizer, of course, is the same reason that Manitoba has the highest murder rate in the country: not enough white people. It's the same phenomenon which caused my endless "Safe Haven" talk about Edmonton, and what I wrote years ago about the loss of Toronto the Good. I haven't written much about Winnipeg, but spoiler alert, the problem there is Red Indians.

Which leads us right back to the title of this post. The same ethnic pandering which leads to effeminate anti-Christian non-white mayors in Calgary also leads to a lot of dead bodies out on the street. Of the 34 victims, the Calgary SUN helpfully provides names. Let's examine some of them now.
  1. Abdullahi Ahmed; Arab
  2. Murad Omar; Arab
  3. Cuong Hoang; Oriental
  4. Dawn Echoes Baptiste; #IdleNoMore
  5. Mohameddek Ali Mohamud; Arab
  6. Maryam Rashidi; Arab
  7. Steven Sharda; East Indian
  8. Levi Marance, #IdleNoMore
  9. Mustafe Mohamud Hussein; Arab
  10. David Quach; Oriental
  11. Hui Xu; Oriental
  12. Kallen Carothers; Negress
  13. Christian Jovanovic; Arab
  14. Zakariya Mohamed Abdow; Arab
  15. Christa Cachene; #IdleNoMore
  16. Selamawit Alem; Somalian
  17. Julie Tran; Oriental
  18. Janel Squirrel; #IdleNoMore
  19. Khaled El-Ajami; Arab
  20. Hussein Merhi; Arab
That's a whole 20/34 murder victims who aren't white, meaning that 59% of the murder victims came from 32.7% of the population. Breaking that down further, Arabs make up an amazing 26% of the murder victims yet only making up 1.5% of the Calgary population! We're analyzing the victims, of course, not the perpetrators. But in general, they are one and the same. From Selamawit Alem (killed by her own son) to Christa Cachene (a Red Indian killed by her boyfriend, also a Red Indian) to white Jessica Rae Newman killed by her white boyfriend), the overwhelming tendency of Calgary killers was to stay within their own race. This isn't universal, of course: Maryam Rashidi was killed by a white kid out on bail, Frank Burton was killed by a negro as a consequence of his Tourette's, while Jonathan Schmeikal was killed by a savage Red Indian lesbian. Let's just say that when we're moving outside of our races in the killing department, white killers fall behind their demographics even more than white victims do. So your vast majority of killings in Calgary are due to the city's wider and wider range of ethnic groups that expand the culinary scene, add to the number of pavilions at Heritage Fest, vote Nenshi...and commit ruthless acts of deadly violence against the innocent.