Domestic terrorism

Surprise surprise: an establishment that caters overwhelmingly to Muslims is the source of violence.

The bar has a permit to sell tobacco and hookah products but was denied a licence to operate as a bar.

Basualdo said she has complained to the city since September about the business, which she said operates as an illegal hookah bar and attracts shady characters.

"This wouldn't happen in other areas in the city," she said. "I firmly believe that if something like this was operating illegally on Whyte Avenue or on 124th Street, any other area of the city … it wouldn't have gone on this long."
As it so happens, there are several grey-market hooka bars operating on Whyte Avenue, so I'm not sure what her point is. Is she saying the overwhelmingly black and increasingly Muslim and obviously misnamed "Alberta Avenue" is a sort of police no-go zone?

It wouldn't be the first time.

Possibly related: Didn't they just expand the LRT into that neighbourhood?