The Force Awakens, by Vox.com

In the weirdest ever example of Voxsplaining, Laiah Idelson recants her life story about how she's born in 1987 with a first name phonetically identical to Carrie Fisher's Star Wars character.

First grade: I am Princess Jasmine from Aladdin for Halloween. Kids ask me why I'm not Princess Leia.

I am asked this question every Halloween for the rest of my life.
I'm often asked why my Halloween costume never matches existing elements of my fandom (though coincidentally I did dress as Luke Skywalker one year). Never thought to whine to Vox.com about it.
10th grade: I begin drinking Starbucks. I learn that giving my real name for my drink is often a real risk of public mispronunciation and lost drinks.

I begin to use the name Katie. Later in life I switch to using Anna. Because, let's be honest, I don't look like a Katie.
Any Canadian who goes to southern America quickly learns that they have trouble understanding the names we give. I've since learned to always call myself "Dick" when somebody asks for my name in a context (ie. calling a cab) where there's no need to be honest with them. They can understand Dick. Never even bothered blogging about this, let alone whining to Vox.

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