North American Shoppers Against Amazonian Masterhood

If you've ever bought stuff on Amazon, you know that begrudging feeling when you decide that the deal is just too good and you click the link even though it mysteriously doesn't tell you where it's shipping from and the delivery date is way out into the future...

Yep. You've just bought something from China. Before you know it, you'll get yourself a nice cool looking China Post tracking number.

Ignore it.

Actually anyone can get a unused tracking number label from China Post very easily and free. A tracking number is invalid and non-trackable until this tracking number is attached to a parcel and sent to China Post. So many cheaters gave an unused tracking number to paypal/ebay/aliexpress just to fulfill the payment requirements.

When you get the dreaded China Post tracking number, you can either sit patiently and wait for your item (usually 4-10 weeks) or contact the shipper and complain.

Bonus China Shipping link: This is a problem that is only going to get worse.