A beaten and abused little girl needs a better culture, not an inquiry

In a way, you gotta hand it to the Red Indian: they never lose a chance to blame whitey for everything (and get a couple of sniveling liberals joining along for the ride).

Earlier this week news came of a horrible tragedy on the Paul Indian Reserve west of Edmonton: \

RCMP were first called to a property on the Paul First Nation at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Stony Plain RCMP say they found the girl suffering from “critical” and “life-threatening” injuries.

She was transported via STARS Air Ambulance to the University of Alberta Hospital, where she is now believed to be in critical but stable condition.

Police describe the incident as a “serious assault,” but would not provide details on the girl’s injuries or the circumstances surrounding the attack.
STARS Air Ambulance spokeswoman Kady Hobbins said medical crews responded to the Paul Band First Nation at about 4:15 p.m. Saturday for a call about a six-year-old girl with injuries from blunt trauma.

The girl was airlifted to hospital in Edmonton in critical condition.

The young girl was outside for “several hours” before she was found by family members, said Supt. Gary Steinke with the RCMP Serious Crimes Unit. He would not comment on whether she had suffered hypothermia, but said it was a life-and-death situation.

The girl is being treated at the Stollery Children’s Hospital for “very serious injuries she sustained during the attack,” Steinke said. He would not elaborate on what sort of injuries she sustained, but said she has not yet regained consciousness.
Charges against James Clifford Paul (no relation?) now include kidnapping, attempted murder, and sexual assault in the horrific attack. For those who hadn't already figured it out: James Paul is, like his young victim, an Indian.

Well that doesn't matter: for the "national inquiry into dead squaws" crowd you can't let something so trivial as the fact that this girl (who is neither missing nor murdered, but again I digress) was savagely attacked by her own kind (if not, as some reports are indicating, kin) get in the way. No, obviously this is a national problem that the Candian taxpayer needs to waste money on.

We've been down the road of the futility of the MMIW Inquiry ad nauseum, and nothing to happen to date has changed the 100% truth of that.
Both #IdleNoMore and #AmINext try to pretend that either we don't know the cause of the social strife afflicting the Red Indian. In the case of #IdleNoMore, it's dependence on government handouts and a culture that is inherently lazy and incapable of rousing its citizens into being productive, combined with a genetic predisposition to addiction and false mythology of history given off by the usual suspects. In the case of #AmINext, it's the violent predisposition of Indians (whether cultural, societal, or genetic doesn't really matter) combined with the promises of quick riches and attention that prostitution offers women who are poor and, let's be perfectly frank about this, typically as ugly as sin.
But this adds an extra level of ridiculous to the proceedings. When far-left PC MLA Thomas Lukaszuk did his usual suckup routine and tried explaining why we needed a national inquiry every time a savagely violent drunken Indian attacks a defenseless little girl, I seized upon another point that I don't think the proponents of these inquiries have thought much about.

What happens when the inquiry makes a report?
What will they implement? If there are a list of recommendations on how to change how reservations like the Paul Reserve, will mealymouthed politicians like Lukaszuk implement them? After all, his government won't even tell Indians who are killing themselves to stop in accordance with the law. What will they do if the MMIW inquiry comes back to say that the provincial smoking ban should be enforced? Or that provincial health inspectors should have the power to randomly enter on-reserve properties and inspect the conditions children are kept in? What if squaws are to only engage in relationships with non-Indians? What if they are to be prohibited by law from becoming prostitutes? What's the point of having this damn inquiry anyways? Everybody knows that even if there is one, the Indians won't uphold their end of the bargain: they never do. Basically its a forum for Indians to complain that people sometimes point out that they become violent savage uncivilized lunatics. They don't like being exposed to the truth: the realities of how their culture is ultimately inferior at providing properity and growth to the one outside the reservations. They hate hearing that the same factors that kept them from ever discovering bronze in a land absolutely swimming with copper are the ones responsible for their reservations being lands of sloth, where a lack of innovation and committment to building a better world cause them to live in squalour and despair and death.

If the Idle No More crowd had any inkling to believe these undisputable truths would be coming out in an inquiry, and that their own sins and crimes against themselves and the rest of Canada would be the ones laid on the table to be poked and examined and disclosed: you know they'd clam up on the topic right away. But it's ultimately that conceit, that understanding that a Canadian-held inquiry would let them off with kid gloves, that spurs their call to action. The only two reasons that these people are calling for a national inquiry is that they will neither pay for it nor be given any corrective actions to undertake.

There is no reason to leave it this way though: for one thing, Harper can disable these calls quickly if he just throws on a single stipulation: DIAND will pay for the inquiry. It won't be funded by general revenues, and DIAND's budget will not be increased to cover the inquiry. If Canada's Red Indians want an inquiry, they can pay for it themselves.

I mean, ideally they'd pay for it from the revenues generated by taxing productive activity taking place on reserves.









oh man, that was a good one. Hold on, I've still got the giggles, give me a minute while I catch my breath and my ribcage stops hurting.


Productive activity on reserves. Oh, that was priceless. Anyways, where was I...?

Oh, right, the funding for a "Missing Murdered Indiginous Women" / "Missing Murdered Aboriginal Women" national inquiry. Well, in the absence of the hilarious option above, we can fund it from DIAND. That means that every penny that goes into this inquiry is coming directly from the pockets of people on reservations and using federal monies to attend University. We shall see in this scenario exactly how much time and resources are devoted to this issue. Hell, it might even serve as a bit of a "this is how reality works" wakeup call to the permanently aggrieved Indian class like Theresa Spence or apihtawiskawiskawiskaiskasisisisan: you live in a world of limited resources (which, thanks to cultures other than your own, is less limited that it might be) and you have to make adult decisions about where to spend your money and what is a cheap stunt that won't help save your people.

I'm not the only one calling for this, in fact: Dene Reservation Chief Bill Erasmus agrees:
Erasmus says people shouldn't have to wait around for the federal government to take action.

“By virtue of our own authority, which the supreme court of Canada calls sovereign authority, we have the authority to set up our own commission, and this issue becomes an issue that is dealt with the way we want it to be dealt with.”

Erasmus says he wants aboriginal women to be part of the process, and hopes agencies like the Native Women's Association would participate.

He says the AFN would need help, though.

Erasmus wants to ask international organizations, like the United Nations, for political and economic support.
Well, he would be asking silly people at the UN for money, but at least then it's spread through the taxpayers of the globe.

Meanwhile, violent savages on reserves will continue to hurt kids. You shouldn't need an "inquiry into root causes" when you know what the solution is: take away their children. All of them. Forever.