It's still not Christmastime

C'mon people, let's pace ourselves. Yes it's December, and there's snow on the ground, and therefore everybody is getting all pumped for Christmas.

You're going to burn out.

Take those stupid puffy Christmas ornaments off your lawn. Sure, put the lights up when it's nice out, but they stay off for now. You don't need to parade around in a Santa hat, or play Christmas carols in your car, or put Christmas ornaments up in your home or place of business. You definitely don't need to put these up anywhere or at any time.

Yes you think I'm the "bah humbug" guy now, but around December 19th you're going to get so sick of Christmas shit that you're going to have some sort of Yuletide meltdown. You don't have to do this.

The window to put up Christmas decorations is December 5 through December 10th.

You may not have seen this rule before, but it's entirely true. Even if you wait until December 10th, you have two full weeks of Christmas decoration cheer to live with. This should be enough for any rational human being. Though, again, if you're doing the singing/dancing Christmas plush toy thing, you don't fall into this category anyways.