Edmonton has no drunk driving problem

Another Christmas season, another sily hectoring by cowardly media reporters and corrupt cops telling us not to "drink and drive".

Some reality checks from the lies and mistruths Global's Slav Kornik is pushing on you:

  1. 83 of the people mentioned in this article are not in violation of any criminal law, and are the victims of an Alison Redford-era attack on Albertan's freedoms.
  2. The 69 people who did blow over 0.08 probably aren't anymore dangerous than most of the sober drivers you pass by each and every day
  3. The "curb the danger" snitch line is a wasteful sea of false positives: the article brushes over its 13/111 (12% success rate)
What we're looking at here is police persecution of the thousands of thousands of Edmontonians who drive around the streets after drinking without causing the slightest amount of difficulties. In fact, that these asshole cops have to ambush people are perform scientific tests on them to determine they were "not good at driving" (something that if they can't tell by looking at you means they shouldn't be arresting you at all), is because when you actually do simple things like watch them driving you don't find any problems at all.

Why not? Because there isn't one. Edmonton cops are attacking citizens for a noncrime. Plain and simple: shame Global News is too caught up in their bullshit.