In California there's something called "Proposition 65" which requires businesses post if their foodstuffs contain "substances which are known to the State of California to cause cancer". The signs are everywhere: Carl's Jr has them, hell even Starbucks has them. In fact I can go one crazier: I was in a shopping mall in Santa Monica where the mall entrance had to warn that it was built with *building materials* " known to cause cancer." It's just ridiculous overkill.

Which is why it's so funny to go to the docks.

On every pier you see a bunch of Mexicans fishing off the dock, and almost as many State of California social workers tagging along, each holding signs (in español, natch) warning them which fish are and are not dangerous to eat. Unfortunately, apparently the
q Mexicans ignore them and occasionally get sick. (I have a picture at home, I'll try to find it later)

The problem is same as the "wear condoms when having queer sex" issue: having just finished over-nanny-stating the populace over nonsense, the State of California has lost all credibility. Fish from Marina Del Rey isn't good for you, but apparently so is a goddamned hamburger, so who cares?