2010 Honda Edmonton Indy

The big race is now ten days away, and the Indy girls have now been selected. Naturally, nowhere can you find photos of them. That would be crazy talk! The Edmonton SUN has a little thumbnail photo as shown on the left, that's all you get. Regardless, the SUN does give you a little chat with Barbara Jackson, a 24 year old Edmonton model who tried out to be an Indy girl: no word whether or not she got the gig.

“It would be a great experience, I have never done anything like this before,” said Jackson.

The 24-year-old works as a movie extra in her spare time and has always wanted to get into modelling.

She was on the fence, however, when it came to choosing a favourite Indy driver.

“They are all good in my eyes,” said Jackson.
Awww, isn't that sweet: they're all good in her eyes.

Okay, for anybody without a functioning bullshit detector, this means that Jackson can't name a single fucking Indy driver.