Germany vs Uruguay

The second half has begun, and Uruguay has just taken a 2-1 lead.

This is a good time to link to the 1516 German Purity Laws, which German brewers all claim to abide by -- when technically they don't.

The downside is that the vaguely flat flavour of German beer is common to all brands: making it really not a great tasting beer. I've been drinking two German beers during Germany World Cup games: Krombacher Pils and Ayinger Ur-Weisse. They both have decent but not great flavours, though only Ayinger claims Reinheitsgebot compliance. Yet both taste pretty damn close to the same, though Ayinger has the edge here. Generally, there's a reason German beers haven't captured the world's attention while Dutch or Belgium beers are popular around the world. One can pretty much lay the blame on 1516 purity laws.

Update, 1:43pm: Germany just tied the match 2-2.