Twitter #FAIL

For the second day in a row now, I have no access to Twitter's website on my phone's mobile browser.

Originally I was using m.twitter.com, until yesterday morning when it stopped working: I received an "invalid URL" message. At first I thought Twitter itself was down, but people continued to post. When I arrived home, I found it worked just fine on my PC, but still not on my phone.

That's when @MikeJenkinson suggested switching URLs to mobile.twitter.com. This worked...sort of. Now instead of a "Invalid URL" error I get a "Parser Error". Both mobile.twitter.com and m.twitter.com still work on my webbrowser: but they don't work on my (non-smart) phone. This is quite the sad shock.

Any idea what the problem is? Is the issue with Twitter changing mobile configuration changes, or is my phone just officially screwed?