2010 Summer Solstice

At right now, 5:28am on June 21, 2010, it is the summer solstice. The sun is closer to the north pole (the Tropic of Cancer, specifically) than it will be at any other point until 2011.

This is also the longest day of the year. But what you may not full appreciate is how much your northern location influences how long your day is:

If you are in Leduc, the sun rose at 5:06am and will set at 10:06pm, giving you exactly 17 hours of sunlight.

But if you live in St. Albert, the sun rose at exactly 5am and will set at 10:12pm, giving you 17 hours 11 minutes and 53 seconds of sunlight. That's right, just in the span of one side of Edmonton to the other, you can gain almost 12 minutes.

If you live in Grande Prairie you will get 17 hours, 24 minutes, 53 seconds. Up in Indian Cabins, close to the NWT border, your sunrise will be at 4:25am and your sunset at 11:15pm. If you want crazy, remember that if it wasn't for daylight savings time the sunrise would be at 3:30 in the morning.

Happy longest day of the year, everybody. If you need a good way to celebrate...I'm just sayin'...