Edmonton's "tough" new bike law

Last year I wrote about Edmonton's motorcycle bylaw.

Today the subject is up again, and see how many things strike you as odd in this CBC story.


Edmonton is one step closer to turning in motorcycle riders whose bikes are too loud.

A city committee voted Thursday to make it illegal for a motorcycle to be louder than 92 decibels while idling and 96 decibels while in motion.
Third Edge of the Sword:
(1) A person shall not cause or permit any sound exceeding 75 dB(A), as measured at the property line of a property zoned for use other than residential, between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Edmonton police have already purchased eight sound meters, Edmonton Insp. Brian Lobay told CBC News. Officers are expected to start enforcing the change in July on Whyte Avenue, Jasper Avenue and Groat Road, he said.

"The instrument is placed at a certain distance behind the exhaust and it gives you a digital readout on your decibel level…you either pass or you fail," Lobay said.
Third Edge of the Sword:
(3) A person may be found guilty of a contravention of this section whether or not the decibel level:
(a) is measured; or
(b) if measured, exceeds any limit prescribed by this bylaw.

So is this really a "tough new bylaw"? It has a threshold 18 decibel levels above the old bylaw, which police could use to ticket motorcycles running at 75 decibels with their fancy new noise testers. It has no provision to fine loud bikes operating at 67 db(A), which existed before. The fine of $250 is unchanged.

The City of Edmonton should really get around to reading my blog more often. Then they might learn what their noise bylaws actually say.