Ryan Jenkins vs. The Mob

So tonight we get confirmation of the early afternoon rumours that indeed Ryan Jenkins, the Calgary resident who presumably murdered his wife in California, has been found dead in a Hope motel.

Anyways, with the news of his "suicide", a buddy and I are both thinking this is all a little bit too clean, and that while Occam's Razor is a handy first principles sort of guide, it doesn't fit the facts as neatly as one might hope. So we both had similar thoughts: Ryan Jenkins was killed by the mob.

Now I have my theory and he has his, but I thought I'd turn to the inter-tubes to try and test the theories out. We shall call them theories A and B. Theory A is mine, and its relatively short and sweet.

A) Ryan Jenkins killed his wife and fled. Looking to return to Canada, he elicited help from shady characters -- the mob, in some way shape or form -- to sneak across the border. He wasn't exactly an anonymous nobody, his name and picture had been flashed across the world. They wouldn't do it for anything short of a huge sum of money, which Jenkins promised. Either he knew he wouldn't have enough and decided to take his chances, or thought he could get a hold of more, he shorted the mob, and pretty soon they found him and came to collect.

B) Ryan Jenkins never killed his wife. Here, lets let him summarize:

real estate investment gone wrong... killed his wife, framed him and tarnished his name, killed him to look like a suicide
Why would he cut off her fingertips and pull her teeth, that's a mob thingy. Most crimes of passion dump the body out in an abandoned area, not in the middle of the city.
Otherwise, the ending is pretty much as mine. Of course, there's also Theory C:

C) Ryan Jenkins killed his wife, fled to B.C., and comitted suicide in a hotel in Hope.

So go right ahead readers, give me your thoughts. Theory A, B, or C? Or do you have your own theories, twists, or evidence? Post away in the comments


Anonymous said...

How about her ex boyfriend killed her and framed Bryan...