A Presidential Joke

So good ol' PMOTUS was feeling pretty blue about his recent polling number collapses, and word was starting to spread in D.C. that he was taking it pretty hard.

Then over the weekend he got a phone call from George W. Bush. Bush called to say that from one President to another he had heard about the poll numbers and the depression but not to worry, that in Bush's experience he had learned a valuable lesson: from week to week poll numbers will rise and poll numbers will fall, but as President of These United States you cannot let that rule your life, you have to simply hunker down, push on with your agenda as best you can, react to changing situations as best you can and be true to yourself. Ultimately what the numbers say on some Thursday in August aren't that important, you have to keep things into perspective and play "the long game": 8 years is a long time to be worrying about individual weekly polls.

Well that seemed to cheer PMOTUS up, and he thanked Bush for all of his help saying that it did put things into perspective and took some of the weight off his shoulders.

Then keeping with the spirit of advice from one President to another, he got a call from George H.W. Bush:

Yeah about those 8 years...