From the mouths of trans-testicles:

The 519 Blog shows what a bunch of shemales are really like. Catty. Whiny. Really really really faggy. And not men. Just thought you might need a reminder.

Mr. Steyn, whom your publication has previously called “a thoughtful and experienced journalist”, was anything but thoughtful in his treatment of the sexual- and gender-diverse community. The language and tone of his article in relation to First Nations, homosexual and gender-diverse people was hateful, ignorant, self-serving, poorly informed and nuanced with racism, homophobia and transphobia.
Discourse and debate is an important element of Canadian democracy and freedom of speech is a right which we uphold and value. We expect however, that Maclean’s would recognize how unnecessary this alienating and hurtful approach is to that discussion and that you would expect some level of awareness and respect from your writers as they tackle the issues at hand.
For your information, "gender diverse community" is how you describe a co-ed dorm. How you describe Mathieu Chantelois and his trans-testicular friends are simply faggots without the balls to be honest. [ah, the return of puns! -ed]