New developments in Edmonton's gangster scene? Lily Tran, Brandon Prevey, other retributions?

I'm noticing a spike in search strings today finding this blog searching about Lily Tran or Brandon Prevey. Last time this happened, Brandon Prevey died less than 48 hours later.

So keep a close eye on your backs, Edmonton gangsta' community. One of you seems next up on the hit roster, and we'll probably know exactly who killed Prevey in Red Deer (I have a couple suspicions).

The Shaw IP address for one is 68.148.93.#, and a Telus IP of 198.166.39.# is searching about Barry T's nightclub shootings. Another couple searches for Tran and Kenyon Gardiner (Tran's boyfriend Pillion and Prevey's victim) have come from unknown IPs. There were a couple or three Lily Tran searches earlier in the day that other vistors have "washed out" (I can only track previous 100, and the fringe and twitter-related traffic has been heavy today), and possibly more that I missed. In any regard, something interesting might be going down.

Update, August 25 2009 2:25am: 68.150.43.# was visiting looking into the Boxing Day murder at West Ed. Other than the Vietnam connection, I am unaware of any direct link between Dominac Mah and Lily Tran.