Tomato-haters heaven

On Tuesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration expanded a warning to consumers that a salmonella outbreak had been linked to consumption of certain types of raw tomatoes and products containing them.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency had not issued any recalls, but several Canadian restaurant chains - including McDonald's, Tim Hortons, KFC, Taco Bell, KFC, and Burger King - decided to stop using tomatoes as a precaution.
As somebody who always asks for the tomato to be removed (less so now that I can't get myself a Big Xtra with cheese and bacon and no tomato), this can't help but be good news. Some foods, like Taco Bell, makes it very hard to manually remove the tomatoes -- and you know full well in modern day Alberta that you can ask for something not to be put on your burger (ie. pickles) only to get extra of that and have them miss something else (ie. patty).

For now, those of us like me and the coworker who brought the subject up today will bask in the sweet sweet glory of no tomatoes. Until they bring them back. Which will totally suck.