Alberta Liberals' Leader Whipping Boy Steps Down

That's right boys and girls, Kevin Taft is stepping down as leader of the Alberta Liberals.

I gotta say I'll miss him. Not because he was a dynamic and effective leader but because he wasn't. Even with the PC party at the helm of a coward and a lefty, the Liberals couldn't make any gains. Why? Because Taft was the perfect Liberal leader.

I don't mean perfect in the sense that with him at the helm the Liberals never broke 16 seats, I mean in the sense that he was exactly the smarmy sort of prick that personified the Alberta Liberal Party. Wearing education as a cloak in the guise of intellect, having an obnoxious voice and face that you just wanted to punch (and I almost did!), with an air that he was better than the common plebe in rural areas around the province where he would dare not go without a bulletproof vest, Kevin Taft was the caricature of a Liberal that the Tories never had to bother making up.

In other words, I've got my fingers crossed that Laurie "Red" Blakeman will be Taft's replacement. Alberta hasn't had a Liberal Party in charge since 1921. Here's to another 87 years free of those disgusting vermin anywhere near the reins of power.